KHTB Shield +TM 320

KHTB Shield+TM is the most advanced collision avoidance system available on the market for trucks, buses and commercials vehicles; it can be retrofitted to any vehicle.

Our collision avoidance system includes the following features:

Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning (KHTB PCW)

Forward Collision Warning (KHTB FCW)

Headway Monitoring Warning (KHTB HMW)

Lane Departure Warning (KHTB LDW)

Speed Limit Indicator (SLI)

Our smart solution uses award-winning image recognition software to reduce unnecessary warnings, which can desensitize drivers over time; KHTB Shield +TM only alerts drivers if a collision is imminent with vulnerable road users, not inanimate objects.

In addition, this solution includes a full telematics system which tracks the vehicle and reports all warnings made by the KHTB System to your fleet management system, providing fleet managers with valuable information about their drivers’ daily driving behavior.

That’s the kind of solution that saves lives.

The Specific indicators of Automobile Collision-aviding Millimeter-wave Radar in KHTB Shield +TM 320 system is

(1) Working environment: all-day work;

(2) Temperature range from -400 to +800;

(3) Main applications: high-speed road environments;

(4) Carrier frequency :35GHz

(5) Distance resolution: 0.5m;

(6) Speed resolution: 1m/s;

(7) Maximum range: 170m;

(8) Speed that can be measured is range from -60 to 110 m/s;

(9) Radar Angle: ± 50, used to exclude interference from adjacent lanes and ensure the vehicle is cornering still effectively detect the target, to a certain extent, eliminate false alarm.


Our Vision. Your Safety.