KHTB Shield +TM 360

KHTB Shield + TM320 Shield + TM is an upgraded version of 360, better stability.

The Specific indicators of Automobile Collision-aviding Millimeter-wave Radar in KHTB Shield +TM 360 system is

(1) Working environment: all-day work;

(2) Temperature range from -400 to +800;

(3) Main applications: high-speed road environments;

(4) Carrier frequency :35GHz

(5) Distance resolution: 1m;

(6) Speed resolution: 1.2m/s;

(7) Maximum range: 170m;

(8) Speed that can be measured is range from -50 to 100 m/s;

(9) Radar Angle: ± 50, used to exclude interference from adjacent lanes and ensure the vehicle is cornering still effectively detect the target, to a certain extent, eliminate false alarm.


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