KHTB 5600

KHTB 5600 is the second system we have developed, more advanced technologically.

That’s the beauty of KHTB collision avoidance technology. By
 seeing and recognizing other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on
 the road, even lane markings and traffic signs, Forward collisions,
 exceeding the speed limit, lane veering, headway monitoring and
 more — audio and visual alerts warn drivers and provide them with
 ample time to react. KHTB’s artificial vision-based collision
 avoidance system assists both seasoned drivers and new drivers to
 keep an “extra eye” on the road, which is why millions of drivers
 worldwide utilize our life-saving technology.

The Specific indicators of Automobile Collision-aviding Millimeter-wave Radar in KHTB 5600 system is

(1) Working environment: all-day work;

(2) Temperature range from -400 to +800;

(3) Main applications: high-speed road environments;

(4) Carrier frequency :38GHz

(5) Distance resolution: 0.5m;

(6) Speed resolution: 1m/s;

(7) Maximum range: 200m;

(8) Speed that can be measured is range from -80 to 120 m/s;

(9) Radar Angle: ± 70.


Our Vision. Your Safety.