KHTB 5-Series

The KHTB 5-Series is a revolutionary line of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems products.

In addition to the wide range of driver safety solutions, the KHTB 5-Series is integrated with Bluetooth connectivity. The KHTB 5-Series provides the driver with audio-visual warning in critical real-time through KHTB’s Smartphone Application.

KHTB 5-Series features include:

Forward Collision Warning (KHTB FCW)

Pedestrian Collision Warning (KHTB PCW)

Headway Monitoring Warning (KHTB HMW)

Lane Departure Warning (KHTB LDW)

Intelligent High-beam Control (IHC). Available for vehicles with a supporting infrastructure

Speed Limit Indicator (SLI)

KHTB has adapted to the growing use of Mobile technology, with the 5-series synchronizing directly to your Smartphone, making road safety more accessible than ever.

KHTB 5 Series system also uses automobile collision-aviding millimeter-wave radar.

The wavelengths of Millimeter wave between 1~ 10mm, so that the volume and the antenna aperture radar device can be reduced, with its high resolution, wide bandwidth, low antenna sidelobes, Millimeter wave can be conducive to imaging or quasi-imaging. When Transmit in the atmosphere, Millimeter wave is free from the impact of day and night, not susceptible to interference in harsh environments, have all-weather features. With the emergence and application of GaAs high-frequency monolithic microwave integrated circuit MMIC devices, the millimeter-wave radar performance has been greatly improved and the cost dropped significantly, and the dimensions can be made very small, it can be easily installed in car. Thus, the millimeter-wave radar has become the best choose of the car as radar. All this features make Millimeter wave is very suitable for inter-vehicle distance mesure and communication workshop.


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